MotorStarters.com is the easiest way to create, order, and price compare the motor controls you need for any project.

Pouring through catalogs. Phone calls. More phone calls. Hunting down documentation and specs. That's how it used to go when you needed a motor starter for anything from the most complex industrial job to simple residential use.

When set out to change that when he began Motorstarers.com. We imagined a world where the Internet worked in your favor-bringing together multiple options, multiple vendors, and multiple pricing options all in one place for you to click and compare. The result of that dream is MotorStarters.com, the best place online to order motor controls.

You have better things to do with your time than scrutinizing catalogs and waiting on hold. With the knowledge of just a few options (see Pre-Order Checklist), you or anyone on your team can quickly compare pricing from the industry's best components and build your starter. Your order comes with accurate documentation, specs, and labeling options that ensure your controls will arrive on time and ready to go.

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We do not sell parts or components. We DO sell fully-integrated custom motor controls from the top brands. Our online configuration and ordering system was engineered from the beginning to simplify the process, regardless of the industry or experience level of the person placing the order. Easily build the motor starter you need for your project, with immediate pricing and brand caparison.

Configure your starter ...and choose your options easily, and save those options with your Standard (free) Login, which enables you to create, order, and price compare as many motor starters as your project requires. Or, create a Preferred Account for more pricing options based on industry, region and volume. We also offer an Open Account option if you prefer to place orders with other payment terms.

We dynamically generate your submittal documentation package -instantly-which includes engineer drawings/wiring diagrams, specifications, OEM Manuals, and a cover sheet. MotorStarters.com is the only place that does it all as fast as you can answer seven easy questions (see our Pre-Order Checklist).

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We have custom built this site to help you custom build your starters. With a few facts, you can quickly compare pricing from the industry's best components and build your system. Your order comes with accurate documentation. You'll be ready to go.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified configuration and ordering
  • Industry & Volume based discounts
  • Price comparison between brands
  • Group access to admin features
  • Notifications on expiring quotes
  • Cart review, share, approvals
  • Comprehensive submittal documentation
  • Custom services available

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