Motorstarters.com is a sub-brand of ATRON Group LLC.  

ATRON Group has a rich history dating back to 1994. ATRON is a family-owned business based in Dallas, Texas. In addition to motor starters, ATRON offers fully customized control panel solutions for applications ranging from simple motor starters and drives to highly sophisticated mission critical motor control centers and switchgear systems placed in some of the world's premier data centers. ATRON is also an expert in controlling cryogenic fluids and has its own brand of high pressure compression equipment. Atron offers other contract manufacturing services including precision metal fabrication, injected molding (custom overmolded interconnects) and high security cabinets.

Our level of engineering and application expertise, reliability, quick delivery and customer service has made ATRON a leader in providing electrical motor control system solutions to mechanical contractors and OEMs in a variety of fields, such as schools, hospitals, high-rise and multi-family units, commercial properties, oil and gas and petro-chemical, and wastewater plants.

Launching a website that leverages our experience and technology is a natural extension of our capabilities and core values.

If your project requires special attention or custom services, please contact us and we'll work on a solution.

We Know Solutions...

  • Mission Critical Power
  • Process Controls Systems
  • Cryogenic Fluid Management
  • Solar Power
  • Contract Assembly Services
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Engineering & Design

To learn more about the company and products, please visit www.atrongroup.com or call 214-292-9840.